9th Edition

On June 24th of the year 2001 organizations and common citizens from over 20 countries joined together and began to celebrate for the first time in history the "World UFO Day."

People from metropolitan areas to the remote islands of Borneo in the Pacific united in a common goal and participated in different activities showing their adherence to this global festivity. Radio stations and newspapers from various countries helped to promote and encourage the celebration. It was estimated that more than a million persons participated in some manner showing their total support for the World UFO Day.

The 24th of june was selected for this celebration because most books point to this date as the moment when modern ufology and a new global public awareness on UFOS was born. This world awareness was brought about as a result of an experience lived in 1947 by a lonely pilot called Kenneth Arnold which spotted a squadron of flying objects over Mount Rainer. From this point in history the term "Flying Saucer" spread across the planet in an instant.

The World UFO Day also enjoyed the support of some city mayors. In the City of Santa Rosa in Argentina, the Mayor and the Department of Internal Revenue helped in the sponsorship of the activities held by the investigative group CEUFO. Thanks to the perseverance of Lucy Guzmán, in the City of Lajas in Puerto Rico, mayor Marcos "Turin" Irizarry also signed city decree endorsing the event.

The main and most important goal of this world celebration is to have millions of eyes around the entire planet scanning the skies for a MAMMOTH UFO WATCH with cameras and camcoders. Any UFOS seen should be reported to your favorite UFO research group.

Astronauts and cosmonauts, particularly those in orbit are also invited to participate in the WORLD UFO DAY.

We encourage pilots flying on June 24 to be on alert for UFO activity and to report their observations.



  • Call family members and friends interested in the investigation the UFO phenomena.
  • Organize a small get together
  • outdoors for a sky watch.
  • While enjoying your reunion look to the sky in search for unexplained objects.
  • Remember to take photos and/or video of any unusual activity.
  • Chemtrails should also be photographed.
  • On the days following the UFO watch contact your favorite UFO research group and show them your findings.
  • We encourage people to attend any activity related to the celebration of the World UFO Day.

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If you want to apply to join this list contact o v n i . n e t @ g m a i l . c o m


If you want to apply to join this list contact o v n i . n e t @ g m a i l . c o m

Thanks for your sponsorship,

Luz Guzmán (, O r l a n d o  P l a (, and Quique Mario (CEUFO -